What Our Supporters are Saying!

“The Gaston Regional Aquatic Center is sure to be an economic driver for Dallas and the surrounding region. We anticipate development interest from the retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries. Combined with the current residential development growth being experienced in the Dallas area, the addition of the aquatic center will generate business opportunities for a variety of sectors.”

—Rick Coleman, Mayor of Dallas

“The recent selection of a site in the town of Dallas (for the aquatic center) is an exciting next step toward realizing this important economic development project….The GBA has identified the development of the proposed Gaston Regional Aquatic Center as a strategic initiative worthy of support, being highly beneficial to Gaston County and its citizens.”

—Patrick Mumford, President and CEO of the Gaston Business Association (GBA)

“The aquatic center will play a very important role in stimulating Gaston
County’s growth. The center will represent another premier community asset
Gaston County needs and deserves.”

—Chris Peek, President and CEO of CaroMont Health

“Each year we watch helplessly as the Gaston Gators Swim Club hosts two
‘home’ meets in Huntersville. The fall meet in October and the spring meet
in May combine to attract hundreds of out of town athletes and families….
We must stop this leakage to our friends north of us and direct it where it
belongs – benefitting our own, Gaston County tourism-related businesses.”

—Mike Applegate, Gaston County Director of Travel and Tourism

“Almost all of the patients that I see can benefit from and should be referred to some type of exercise program. Unfortunately, many of my patients have the physical limitations that keep them from participating. The Gaston Regional Aquatic Center offers a much-needed alternative for my patients, as well as many others in our community that currently lack sufficient aquatic fitness space.”

—Dr. David Major, CaroMont Heart and Vascular Cardiologist

“In an orthopedic and sports medicine practice, we see many benefits to water therapy. Injured athletes benefit from the lower impact. For example, runners with lower extremity injuries can do resistance training in the water. This will help maintain their cardiac fitness and mobility so that when they are cleared to return to running, they have not lost their physical strength. In addition, patients with joint replacement often have a difficult time in post-operative therapy. Once the wounds are completely healed, aquatic therapy helps with the motion, endurance and edema.

—Chuck Niemeyer, PA at Carolina Orthopedics

“The Gaston Regional Aquatic Center will give people who have medical, physical, and intellectual challenges a place to learn, receive specialized therapy, have fun, and interact with their peers in a safe, comfortable, and accessible space that is designed to specifically meet their needs. The potential impact this program can have on Gaston County and particularly those with physical and intellectual disabilities is immeasurable.”

—Regina Moody, President and CEO of Holy Angels

“I have seen on a daily basis the need for adaptive aquatics by a vast variety of children who are
differently-abled. Benefits include increased range of motion, flexibility, balance, coordination, motor development skills, independent mobility, confidence in themselves, as well as social benefits and the development of a lifetime recreational skill.”

—Betsy States, private swim instructor and adaptive aquatics teacher

“We are especially excited about the vast potential for positive health and social impacts this community resource could bring to our county….An aquatic center is not only a recreational facility but is also a matter of equity through its potential to serve diverse populations, including children, older adults, disabled individuals, and low-income families.”

—Steve Eaton, Gaston County Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Director

“I can only imagine the opportunities an aquatics center could provide for students in Gaston
County Schools as well as our community in general.”

—Dr. Jeff Booker, Former Superintendent of Gaston County Public Schools

“Aquatic-based rehabilitation programs, fitness programs, and more would allow local educational partners like Gaston College to work with the center to provide training and education for a wide range of professionals in fields such as EMS, Nursing, and Health and Fitness Science. This advanced and ongoing training would bring additional resources that would greatly benefit our community.”

—Dr. John Hauser, President of Gaston College

“This (aquatic) center would aid not only Gaston County residents, but also those in neighboring counties, such as Cleveland and Lincoln – as well as others in the western part of the state that do not currently have access to a public, indoor aquatic center west of Charlotte in North Carolina. These swim teams often have to travel as far as Greensboro or Cary in North Carolina, Greenville in South Carolina, or Kingsport in Tennessee to compete.”

—Dr. Kim Eagle, Gaston County Manager

“Lincoln County Schools has four comprehensive high schools that field swim teams each year. Each high school team is limited to pool time due to the lack of availability of a competition pool in this area. This reduced practice schedule has an impact on the teams’ ability to be competitive across this region and the state.”

—Dr. Lory Morrow, Retired Superintendent of Lincoln County Public Schools

“Among the sports we (Belmont Abbey College) currently are considering adding is competitive swimming. One of the primary obstacles to starting a program has been the lack of indoor pool
availability in Gaston County. It is our understanding that the aquatic center will be functional for practices and will also meet the standards required for hosting our collegiate conference meets.”

—Stephen Miss, Belmont Abbey Vice President and Director of Athletics

“With my 40 years of experience in training and fire and rescue personnel, a facility like this in Gaston County is greatly needed.”

-Jeff Cash, Retired Cherryville Fire Chief and national fire safety expert/consultant

“Not only will this project (aquatic center) help the people of Gaston County; it will also benefit the people of Lincoln County… The possibilities this facility could be used by emergency responders for water training are endless.”

-Rodney Emmett, Lincoln County Fire Marshal